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Your Perfect Sandal… Radiantly Handcrafted and Custom Made

The D’NexStep sandal line is unique, colorful and is handcrafted using the finest leather. Styles include thong, ankle straps, and flip-flop sandals. Our sandals were featured at New York City Fashion week 2010 & 2011 and Miami Swimwear Week 2011.
D’NexStep sandals are custom made, our clients select the style and size and place an order. Delivery will be made within 10-30 days of placing the order and making payment. We only keep limited styles and sizes in stock for immediate delivery.


Who We Are

From the Executive Suite to the Design Studio


Dorrette Ubanks position as Vice President, Human Resources for a real estate company was eliminated after 17 years of service.  After much consideration she decided to follow her lifelong dream of working in the fashion industry.  For many years, Dorrette made her own clothes and loves to create unique designs.  She gained invaluable experience during her early childhood from helping her aunt add the finishing touches to bridal apparels. She wanted to enter the fashion business but was not sure which direction to take.Her vision to create sandals came about after a visit to Jamaica, where she observed craftsmen making sandals by hand.  She was amazed by the beauty of making sandals by hand in such mass production world.  For three nights after her visit to the sandal makers, she dreamt that she was designing and making sandals.  Not sure what to do about the dreams, she decided on her return to the United States to study how to make sandals.Dorrette spent days and nights learning the elements of making sandals from master shoemakers, shoemaker suppliers and leather suppliers. She wanted to create sandals that were comfortable, unique, and beautiful and artwork on the feet.Born in Jamaica, raised in London and finally living in Miami via New York City gave her the opportunity to fuse the different cultures and lifestyles into her designs.  Dorrette began making custom made sandals for family and friends and immediately received positive response for her innovations.Dorrette launched a collection of sandals, under the brand called D’NexStep. Her sandals are handcrafted by a talented team of craftsmen in her studio in Jamaica.  Dorrette’s goal is to design unique and comfortable footwear that will appeal to the taste of the most discriminating individual.

D’NexStep sandals are carefully hand crafted using the finest leather. The colorful arrays of eye-catching sandals are inspired by the colorful appeal of flowers found in the tropics.  Unique, and exquisite, the styles include thong, ankle straps, and flip-flop sandals.

Accomplishments:   New York City Fashion Week 2011 Rogues Gallery “Emerging Designers” Show, Salon Allure, Miami Swimwear Fashion Week 2011, Fashion Splash 2011,New York City Fashion Week 2010, Marco Hall Spring/Summer Collection.


 Winners of National Bread Company The Bold Ones New Champions of Manufacturing 2014


DNexStep Process

Unique and Exquisite


D’NexStep Sandals and Accessories takes pleasure in adding beauty,comfort and elegance to you feet. We carefully select leathers, based on beauty, durability, texture, style and  comfort. Each client’s unique taste, style and comfort are always first on our mind – customization is our  specialty. Our clients can select  the colour blend of their choice.Our sandals are handcrafted in Jamaica, West Indies, by talented  craftsmen.  Each sandal strap is made from genuine leather, our clients choose from a wide range of colours,  including metallic finishes. The padded insole is made from natural leather, providing comfort to the feet, which over time will enhance the character of the  feet resulting in additional comfort. The sole is manmade from composition soling.  The heel is ¼ inch in height with a protective anti-slip over-lay on the  heel to reduce the possibility of slippage – half (½) inch covered heel is available. To reduce stripping and  discoloration, our sandals are sealed with a special leather protector which seals the finish.

Our unique and exquisite, the styles include, thong, strappy, flip-flop and wedge.